About Us

The idea for DataFlik began with a small group of investors in Columbus, Ohio. As we worked to build our business we found ourselves frustrated by industry data problems that we are sure you have noticed as well. When we started reaching diminishing returns in our marketing, we asked ourselves why is the data we are using so hit or miss. This led us to dig deeper and to launch DataFlik.

We established DataFlik so we could obtain reliable real estate data, paired with accurate skip tracking information. But we weren't happy stopping there. We wanted to find ways to improve our data and reduce marketing costs. We finally landed on AI data as the best way to create high quality, targeted information. Using AI, we could reach exactly who we wanted.

Our results were so successful, that we knew we couldn't keep this solution to ourselves. We had found the missing tool we needed to build our business. After seeing great success with this product, we knew we couldn’t keep it just for ourselves, which brings us to now. DataFlik for us was the missing tool we needed to build our business to the potential it had, and we know it can do the same for you.

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Tyrus Garrett
Rami Eid
TJ Maurer
Principal Founder
Brooks Humphreys

We are a group of investors who are dedicated to making your business thrive by reducing marketing costs and getting you in front of the right people at the right time.