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The real estate market becomes more competitive and saturated every day, squeezing margins each year. DataFlik's product performs better each month with our proprietary algorithm driven by our AI and machine learning technology. The system continuously adapts to target the owners most likely to sell as the market changes in real time.

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Building A Portfolio

When building a portfolio, the main goal is to acquire as fast as possible. Using our data, you will be able to buy from off-market motivated sellers, letting you grow fast while saving money!


The name of the game is motivated sellers. Use our state-of-the-art AI data paired with our motivation lists to find sellers who are truly looking to sell.

House Flipping

Increase margins by going directly to homeowners for your next flip and put more money in your pocket.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Looking to win more listings? Start marketing directly to the homeowners who are the most likely to sell before anyone else ever reaches out to them.

DataFlik’s AI Models vs. Our Competitors

How many deals did our model predict vs. other common lists


Accurately Sold in 12 Months


ROI vs. Other Known Lists


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AI-Powered Data with 1,000's of Sources

Our models track 1,700 attributes per homeowner that include court house records, demographics, geographic insights, household interests, life events, purchase behaviors, sports interests, short-term loan shopping, financial stability, and so much more. 

  • AI-powered List Stacking and Predictive Modeling
  • National Recorder and Tax Assessor Databases
  • Foreclosure and Lis Pendens
  • US Census and Credit Bureau Data
Al and
Short term
Liens &

Having exclusivity in our market with their data has been a tremendous competitive advantage for our business. Hearing sellers say that they had not thought about selling until we reached out is something we didn't experience before working with DataFlik.

Ethan K.

The Best Skip Tracing Around

REI skip tracing with DataFlik gives you access to over 42 billion data points from over 6,000 data sources to help you quickly locate real estate opportunities.

  • DataFlik’s skip tracing delivers over 25 data points per record - with highly accurate contact information for personal, LLC, Trust, and corporately-owned residential and commercial properties.
  • We provide the last reported date for all numbers to ensure you are reaching out to the best quality numbers.
  • All lists are stacked and prepared for uploading into text or calling software such as Launch Control and ReadyMode.

The Number 1 Source Of Data Nationwide For Real Estate Investors And Agents

Speedy Delivery

Our data is updated on the first of every month to ensure you have the most up to date data in the industry.

Duplicate Check

DataFlik checks for prospects you’ve already searched, and doesn’t charge for data you already own.

No Charges

Other services charge you for every search, even if you get no results. DataFlik™ only charges for positive hits.

Create the Perfect Ecosystem of Marketing

Our plans are structured with unlimited data and skip tracing to help investors cover every marketing source so they can run split tests on what performs the best in their market.

Some of the uses cases include cold calling, cold texting, direct mail, door knocking, Facebook custom audiences, Google, and YouTube ads. 

In our first weak of launching cold calling with this data, we got a signed contract that was projected to make 28,000 on an assignment. Their data is the real deal, and it does make a difference.

Nate B.

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