Better targeting, lower marketing costs, more deals.

Want a massive competitive advantage for your real estate business? DataFlik gives you the edge. With our AI-powered List Stacking and Predictive Modeling, you can focus your marketing on the owners most likely to sell and generate the highest possible return on your marketing dollars.

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Dominate with DataFlik Data and Skip Tracing

Our premium plan gives you unlimited data and skip tracing, making costs more predictable and easier to scale. You will reduce your marketing spend while driving more deals.

DataFlik is our go-to data service provider. This business has few competitive advantages, but working with DataFlik is absolutely a leg-up. They're always reliable, accurate, and on top of customer service.

Nick E.

Cut Marketing Costs

DataFlik's unique system ranks homeowners in every county from the most to least motivated. No more wasting money on high equity or absentee lists. You can focus on the people who matter most and effectively scale based on your specific needs and budget.

Improve your ROI

If spray and pray is your current marketing strategy, there's a much better way. DataFlik helps you target your marketing dollars to reach prospects that will bring you the best results. We provide curated data you can use to immediately boost any kind of real estate campaign, from direct mail to cold calling. You'll save time and money, while improving your results.

We were able to cut our mailing budget from $33,000 to $16,000 a month without a drop in deal volume! DataFlik's predictive mailing list has been an absolute game-changer for our business.

Matt B.