Privacy Policy

Last Updated April 18th, 2024

Collection of Information

DataFlik Inc (“DF”) collects certain information on users that access the DataFlik dashboard (“DFD”) and website.

For each user, DF will collect name, email, phone(s), mailing address, business name, and other relevant information necessary to maintain accurate bookkeeping and records. In addition, DF will maintain records on products purchased and may use collected information for marketing purposes.

Financial information such as payment method and account information is maintained through our third-party subscription management platform (Chargebee).

Use of Your Information

DF uses the information it collects for internal business purposes and communication purposes. Additionally, User’s name, email address, phone number, business name, and address may be shared with referring affiliates for purposes of tracking such referral as part of an “Affiliate Agreement” or for partner marketing purposes as part of a “Partner Agreement”. 

DF may also share the information it collects as part of a Mutual NDA or other legal contract governing such usage of information for the purpose of merger, acquisition, divestiture, capital raise, or any other legitimate business purpose.

Review of Your Information

Users may review and manage their information and profile through the DFD at

Account Activity

DF maintains records and logs of account and user activity such as log-ins, downloads, and other information necessary to monitor the site for quality assurance and data security purposes.

Policy Changes

DF reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy (i.e. the information on this page). When the policy is updated, you can find the date the policy was last updated listed at the bottom of this page.

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