Real Estate Lead Gen — Supercharged With AI Tools

Uncover real hidden leads, bolster your visibility through precision-targeted marketing, and successfully secure more off-market deals with our 72% coverage of deals from our lists.

Real Estate Lead Generation Can Be A Conundrum

In the competitive world of real estate investing, effective lead generation can be a daunting challenge. Traditional methods are often costly, time-consuming, and wildly unpredictable.

Investor Score Uses the Power of AI
To Find Hidden Leads

Use AI, thousands of predictive data points, and our powerful algorithmic toolset to identify and rank properties based on their likelihood to sell off-market. Target the best leads with startling accuracy and rank the best prospects to secure more deals.

Property Scoring

Our dynamic scoring system sifts through properties and owners with thousands of data points, and highlights those with the highest potential to sell off-market, giving you a clear target for your marketing efforts.

Market Insight

Stay ahead of the curve with our deep market insights. Know the hottest areas where investors are buying and focus your efforts on regions most likely to yield results.

Comprehensive Database

Leverage our extensive database, the foundation of our predictive analytics. Our deep property information repository empowers you to find the best deals and craft compelling, effective marketing strategies to secure them—based on solid data insights.

Targeted Outreach

Our AI-driven, algorithmic platform provides detailed insights into property owners' selling motivations, allowing you to tailor your outreach and connect on a more personal level.

Take Real Estate Lead Gen To A Whole New Level

AI gives you the power to accomplish THOUSANDS of hours worth of data-crunching work with the push of a button. These tools will blow you away! And the benefits are instant and revolutionary.

More Deals

Secure more off-market deals with our AI-powered property scoring and predictive analysis.


Save on marketing costs by focusing your efforts on the most promising leads.


Spend less time searching for leads and more time closing deals with our comprehensive database and profiling tools.

Predictable Results

Achieve predictable results with our data-driven approach to real estate marketing

Join The Real Estate
AI Revolution

Dataflik’s AI engine takes Real Estate marketing to a whole new level. It’s like upgrading your bug zapper to a lightning bolt.